About Jill

Some of my story…

Peer into the past by about fifteen years and life looked radically different for me. I lived in San Francisco and instead of running around in yoga pants you’d generally find me in a business suit and uncomfortable heels talking to someone about something financial. Most of my days were spent in an office on the 28th floor of Four Embarcadero Center in the Financial District.

From the outside looking in, things probably seemed just fine and as though life was flowin’ along pretty well. I had a fancy job in financial services, earned great money and lived in a nice apartment in Cow Hollow just off of Union Street. I had a beautiful tribe of long-time friends and had NO lack of trouble to get into with them. But, the truth is, I was desperately unfulfilled.  I felt like a fraud most of the time and I loathed my work.  I lacked a sense of purpose and anxiety ran high.

I was living an ill-aligned life, often pretending to be so many things that I was not…pretending to care about things I did not care about at my core. I believe that’s why the word “alignment” has such depth of meaning to me now. For example, it’s so much more than the aesthetics of a yoga posture. I like for the word to suggest that I consider how a posture, a situation, a person, an experience, a job makes me feel?  One definition of alignment that resonates is this: “alignment as a position of agreement or alliance” — as opposed to one of discord.

How, in life, can I find positions of agreement? I’m ALL IN for greater ease, more space, additional fortification and more flow in life?  Can I cultivate situations, relationships, work and movement practices that bring me into the flow?  Well, maybe not ALWAYS…but I can do my best to be aware, to watch for times when there’s a lack of harmony, when there’s discord or I’m trying to control everything and ultimately push the proverbial river rather than cruising along WITH it.  

In 2005, I decided to leave my job in San Francisco, move to Portland and very soon after unpacking my boxes, I enrolled in yoga teacher training and massage school.  It has been the most beautiful decade and a half.

Alignment.  Harmony.  Yes, please.